Paragliding Simulator for Global Earth Ver2.0

What is PSGE ?

It is the flight simulator of paraglider that can enjoy flying in the virtual world by .

Some improvements by upgrading to Ver2.0.
・You can now control with the analog stick on the gamepad. See Help for more information.
・Fixed some bugs in the physics engine and enabled some maneuvers.
・Slightly increased the chance of thermal soaring.
・You can now play on some smartphones.

It can enjoy the flight experience of this paraglider only by a browser.

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Recommendation of area

Recommendation of area

(1) Please input a name of the country, an area name and a place name.
Please input neither a club name nor a company name into a location name.
(2) Please double click the takeoff position in Global Earth.
(3) Please click a [Check] button.
(4) Please adjust the direction and the position by a key operation.
(5) Please click a [Landing] button.
(6) Please double click the landing position in Global Earth.
At least 1 is necessary.
[Takeoff] it's possible to click a button and redo from(2).
(7) Please click [Send] button.
(8) Please wait a moment until Mailer starts it.
(9) Please send a mail just as it is.


Please contact us when it wants to refuse the publishing hope and publishing and you want to correct information on the area manufacturer model etc.
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